Why should you prefer ‘Dentist at Home Service’ in 2022?

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At-home medical check-ups have been around for a long time, and many of us might have opted for them. However, did you know that now you can even get a Dentist at home in Dubai?
Yes, you read that right!

At the beginning of 2020, the entire world came to a standstill owing to the pandemic. We have gone through months of confusion, panic and continue to experience the devastating effects of the pandemic to this day. Moreover, it has also negatively affected our oral health. Most dental clinics were shut due to the lockdown and fear of infective aerosols. Many patients who needed emergency dental care were left with no place to go and spent months in pain. Even now, there is an inherent fear of going to the dentist owing to the risk of contracting a covid-19 infection.

We all understand the importance of oral health and how it affects our overall health. However, the absence of dental facilities combined with a fear of going to the dental clinic has given rise to the prevalence of dental ailments like dental decay and gum diseases. Recent studies also show an increase in cases of teeth grinding and poor oral health during the lockdown. However, in a situation like this, what can be done?

Well, the solution is simple with at-home dental services. We at Medilife Healthcare are committed to providing our patients with the best-in-class healthcare facilities. This led us to materialize one of our most sought services – Dentist at home in Dubai.

The next question that may come to your mind might be – Why choose a ‘dentist at home’ in Dubai? Read ahead as we break down the advantages of these services.

Dental procedures can be a source of anxiety for many, and being in a familiar environment can be calming as it provides comfort and support.

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Medilife Healthcare Dentist at home with mask

Dental clinics in Dubai usually have a long waiting line. You may end up spending hours in the reception before you go in for your appointment.
With dentist at-home services, you can skip the line, save time and get the best of dental treatments at the convenience of your home.
Moreover, dental visits generally mean you will come in contact with numerous people. This makes essential COVID-appropriate behavior like social distancing impossible and can put you at risk of getting infected. Dentist at home services in Dubai minimize this risk and ensure you have a relaxing and safe dental appointment.

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We live in a fast-paced world, and getting an off from the office or school every time for a dental appointment may not be possible. This can contribute to poor oral health and make you susceptible to dental diseases. However, with at-home dental care in Dubai, you can schedule your dental appointment at a time which suits you. This means you neither have to skip out on your work nor your health. Talk about a win!

Dental sciences are advancing rapidly, which makes transporting dental machinery for home visits possible. Whether you need regular teeth cleaning or a root canal treatment, you can get everything done by a board-certified dental surgeon at the comfort of your home. So, why wait? Give yourself the gift of better oral health with our dentist at home services in 2022!

Dr. Jigisha Chhangani did the research and writing of this article. She is a freelancing member of the Content writing Team of WebCof. Dr. Jigisha is a practicing dentist and graduated with a Bachelor Of Dentistry from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India. She writes about Dental, Medicine, Ayurveda. On off days, she also enjoys writing Travel blogs.

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