9 Reasons Why you need an IV therapy at home in Dubai

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An Intravenous or IV Therapy is a method to administer a regulated amount of fluid or medication directly into the patient’s bloodstream. It is an effective and faster alternative to oral administration, especially for patients in urgent need of fluids or drugs.
There are several reasons that you may need to take an IV Therapy. Its frequency varies from person to person and depends on the health condition and your need for customized IV treatment.

Following are some of the most common reasons to choose an IV Therapy:

1. Dehydration

Water is crucial for the normal functioning of the body as it contributes to around 60% of human body weight. The amount of water in your body varies with the levels of hydration. The body loses water through breathing, urine, and sweating. Exercise or high outdoor temperature in summer speed up this loss. With water, some of the necessary nutrients are also lost from your body.

Dry throat, skin, dark urine, headache, fainting, etc. are some symptoms of dehydration. An IV therapy is the fastest, efficient and safe way to treat dehydration. It helps to restore the amount of water and nutrients level your body needs.

2. During the Surgery

Every year millions of surgeries happen around the world. Blood loss and resultant dehydration are common during surgeries. It also lowers the level of electrolytes and blood sugar. Doctors use IV therapy to regulate blood loss during surgeries. Here anesthesia, pain medications, antibiotics, fluids, and other vital fluids are directly administered into the patient’s veins.

3. Malnourishment and Recovery

IV therapy is also important for the quick recovery of the patient. Severe diarrhea, vomiting, the intestinal disease makes it difficult to absorb nutrients in the body. Surgery, eating disorders, and difficulty in swallowing food for a long time can cause the body to experience malnutrition. Parenteral nutrition can help you to get the daily nutrient requirements of the body. There is no pressure on the digestive system and nutrition is directly delivered into a vein that is through IV therapy.

4. Emergency Medicine Administration

Heart attack, poisoning, anaphylaxis, excessive blooding, need emergency medication, blood, or fluids. IV therapy is the most effective and fastest way to administer the medication in such cases. Many chemotherapy regimens, antibiotic therapies, and blood/blood product transfusions, prefer the IV method.

5. Boost the Immunity

To avoid sickness and infections, especially during winter your immune system must be strong. COVID pandemic has also highlighted the need for a stronger immune system to fight pathogens.
Boost your body’s immune system by taking an IV dose with a powerful combination of several vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants. This helps you to be healthy and stay away from catching seasonal diseases.

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6. Pregnant Women

During pregnancy body changes and is under tremendous stress. Leg cramps, migraines, organ inflammation, morning sickness, upset stomach, vomiting is also experienced by a pregnant woman. Control these effects, hydration, and blood pressure levels by choosing an IV therapy. Administering fluids with a proper mix of nutrients can help.

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7. Relief from Hangover

Over-drinking generally causes hangovers resulting in dry mouth, headache, upset digestive system. It makes it difficult to focus on your work. You can have a strong cup of coffee or a pain killer, but IV therapy can give you effective and faster relief. Take fluids containing vitamins, medications to reduce headache, nausea, heartburn, and help rehydrate the body and improve your energy levels.

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8. Workouts and recovery for athletes

After an intense workout, exercise your body loses water and nutrients through sweating. Your body feels drained and energyless. IV therapy helps an athlete to recover faster. Fluids help you rehydrate. Vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids help to repair any tissue damage and improve energy levels. Now you can better concentrate on other chores of life as well.

9. Cleansing body organs

Different fluids and their mixtures are administered through IV therapy. Vitamins, nutrients, amino acids can help to improve the functioning of many organs in a body. Liver efficiency to detoxify the body can be improved through Liver detoxifying drip. To relieve the gut disorder leading to the malabsorption of nutrients, take a mixture of nutrients and amino acids. Further IV therapy can help to recover the necessary levels of lost nutrients. Thus, regulate your mood, enhance focus and improve metabolism. Anti-hair loss drip is also available and it can improve your scalp and hair growth. You can take Skin Glow IV Drip to get glowing skin.

An IV therapy can benefit you in various ways. But ease and convenience are the most attractive features an IV therapy offers. You don’t always need to go to the hospital and can undergo IV therapy at home or Mobile IV Medics at your convenience. The rate and quantity of intravenous fluid administered vary from person to person and depend on the medical condition, body size, and age of the patient. So, you must take professional help, about the suitability of IV therapy for your body and monitor the flow rate.

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