Air Ambulance Service in Dubai

Emergency Air Ambulance

Sometimes seriously ill people cannot be delivered by other modes of transport, therefore, air ambulance Dubai is the only right solution for transporting the sick or injured. Our home health care Dubai provides air ambulance services at any time of the day or night, any day of the week, including weekends and holidays. We organize air transportation of patients in accordance with the current international standards for the provision of medical care. The aircraft is equipped with specialized equipment, and qualified medical personnel works on board. During the flight, patients receive the required assistance, and if necessary, intensive care is provided.

Air ambulance service is much more than just transportation. It is a health service operating in complex and often challenging circumstances. Air ambulance Dubai is essential for patients in need of emergency care or for transporting a patient to a specialized treatment center located at a considerable distance. Medilife Global home care Dubai has a professional approach to the organization of medical flights. The aeromedical team consists of highly skilled specialists. Medics will provide specialized care on board.

The safety of transporting a patient depends on his condition and the possibility of deterioration of health during the flight. The medical team knows these features and knows how to deal with them. We guarantee a reasonable air ambulance cost in Dubai, which anyone can afford. However, the ultimate air ambulance cost will vary depending on the type of ambulance, the distance traveled, the amount of pre-hospitalization care needed, and the onboard medical equipment. Besides this, we also provide doctor on call service, NAD IV therapy, at home pregnancy tests, and urgent PCR tests in Dubai. Our emergency call service is available 24/7. Contact us now!

Emergency Air Ambulance in dubai

What We Offer?

Burn Patient Transport

Patients who have been burned need to be treated with the highest level of expertise. In order to address these urgent situations, we make sure the medical professionals in the care of these patients are skilled and knowledgeable.

Perinatal Transport

We also offer “Neonatal Services” when the patient is a pregnant woman. This service comprises our whole neonatal package and an ob-gyn specialist; hence, we are prepared to care for the mother-to-be and her baby if she gives birth before or during the flight.

Bedside-To-Bedside Transport

Once we get confirmation of the aeromedical service, Our air ambulance Dubai emergency response team will be sent to the hospital for a pre-flight medical evaluation of the patient. The patient will be transported to the airport in a critical care ground ambulance by the Emergency Response medical team, where our ICU aircraft will be waiting to fly the patient to the receiving hospital.

Pediatric And Neonatal Transport

We specialize in transporting children of all ages who require critical care, particularly infants. We've invested in cutting-edge technology and expert employees to handle the evacuation of critically ill newborns of any age.

Organ Transport

For organ transfers, we provide first-rate service. For certain circumstances where speed is of the essence, our air ambulance Dubai emergency response crew has special coordination. They are dedicated to arriving at the donor and recipient location as quickly as possible.

Critical Patient Transport

We specialize in critical patient transfer and have the experience to handle any medical condition, including intensive care patients on flights. Our air ambulance Dubai is equipped with all the specialized equipment and drugs necessary for the proper care and transit of patients in any medical condition.

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Why Choose Our Air Ambulance Service?

We are honored to have one of the industry’s most experienced medical teams in the UAE.


For more than 4 Years, the team at Medilife Global has been providing reliable air ambulance service in Dubai. Our team's commitment and experience empower us to give a smooth aerial travel experience from any location.

Trusted Service

Medilife Global is a leading home health care service in Dubai offering air ambulance and medical transport service all over UAE, with over 110 missions carried out to date. We provide world-class medical care and bedside-to-bedside transportation globally, with the highly experienced air medical crew in the medical industry.

Medically Equipped

Medilife air ambulance service Dubai is ready for almost any critical care scenario and offers the best patient care in some of the best hospitals. We also have our fleet; unlike other air ambulance services in Dubai, the most experienced medical crew members offer high-quality service.

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