Influenza Vaccine at Home in Dubai

Influenza Shots With Pre-Vaccination Examination

Many consider the flu vaccination to be unnecessary and optional. At the same time, several hundred thousand people die every year from complications of this virus throughout the world. Why expose yourself to such a risk if you can protect yourself from the disease?

Medilife Global home health care services in Dubai offer influenza vaccine at home for kids and adult patients (above 18 years of age). We use modern and approved drugs for immunization with flu vaccine at home Dubai. The flu shot at home is highly safe and has proven effective for more than ten seasons, so they are a good alternative to inaccessible imported drugs.

The middle and end of autumn and the beginning of winter are the “favorite” times for influenza. If you are still not vaccinated, we recommend taking the influenza vaccine at home as soon as possible because the body needs 2-3 weeks to form immunity. Influenza vaccine at home cost by Medilife Global is reasonable, and our home care services Dubai ensure that you get a quality, effective vaccine in the safety of your home. We have a team of specialized doctors to give flu shots at home without complications. We ensure the use of safe and sterilized medical-grade equipment. We also offer other medical services including a Vitamin D test, immune boost IV drip treatment, air ambulance service, and sperm test in Dubai. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!

Benefits Of Flu Vaccination

influenza vaccine at home

There are numerous benefits of taking influenza (flu) vaccine at home in Dubai. The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu and its potentially serious complications are to vaccinate.

  • You can avoid becoming sick with the flu if you get vaccinated at the clinic or at home.
  • Several studies show that flu vaccination reduces disease severity in persons after vaccination.
  • The flu vaccine can help to lower the risk of flu-related hospitalization.
  • The flu vaccine is an effective preventive measure for patients with certain chronic health issues.
  • Pregnant women can benefit from flu immunization both during and after their pregnancy.

How The Vaccine Works?

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Who Needs A Flu Shot at Home?

We recommend getting the flu vaccine at home for all adults, especially those at risk for:

  • Persons over 65 years of age, regardless of their state of health.
  • Patients of any age suffering from chronic diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Patients with diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure, and immunodeficiency states.
  • Women in the ii-iii trimesters of pregnancy and lactation.
  • Health workers.
  • Employees of educational institutions.
  • Personnel of service enterprises (shops, pharmacies, fitness centers, beauty salons).

Contraindications To Vaccination

Influenza vaccines at home are safe drugs, but in some cases, they cannot be used. Influenza vaccine contraindications include:

  • Allergy to chicken egg protein.
  • Allergy to components of previously administered vaccines.
  • Stage of exacerbation of chronic disease.
  • Acute febrile condition.

Whether to vaccinate against influenza for non-severe acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, or acute intestinal infections – the doctor decides. As a rule, vaccination is possible immediately after the temperature returns to normal. In the presence of chronic diseases, the vaccine is given in remission.

flu vaccine at home dubai

Influenza Vaccine At-Home Service

  • You can get your annual seasonal influenza vaccine at home. For this purpose, you can book an appointment at our home healthcare services in Dubai, and nursing staff will come to your location.
  • Flu shots are safe & effective (monitored by the FDA).
  • It helps in preventing the risk of infection.
  • Assist in reducing the spread of flu to others.
  • Reduce the risk of flu-associated hospitalization.

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