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Advanced & Comprehensive Dental Services

Medilife Polyclinic is a state-of-the-art dental clinic situated in Al-Quoz, Dubai. With a focus on advanced diagnostics and effective treatments, we provide extensive dental and oral care services. Our array of services encompasses a diverse range of treatments, spanning from cosmetic dentistry to specialized pediatric dental care. In addition to delivering exceptional care at our dental clinic, Medilife is also renowned for providing outstanding home health care services. You can contact us if you are looking for a doctor on call or at-home blood test in Dubai.

Our Dental Care Packages

AED 99/only
  • Tooth Cleaning
  • Tooth Polishing

AED 499/only
  • Doctor consultation
  • Tooth Cleaning
  • Tooth Whitening

Our Services

Teeth Whitening

Illuminate your smile with our specialized teeth whitening service. Our skilled dental experts employ cutting-edge techniques and premium-grade products to deliver stunning results. Tailored to your unique requirements, our treatment ensures both efficacy and safety.

Root canal treatment

Our skilled endodontists specialize in this advanced procedure, targeting the root canal system to alleviate discomfort and eliminate the infection. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and precision instruments, we ensure meticulous cleaning and thorough sealing of the affected area. With a gentle touch and prioritizing patient comfort, our aim is to restore the optimal health and functionality of your tooth.


Achieve a dazzling smile with our professional dental scaling and polishing services. It removes plaque, tartar, and bacteria buildup from your teeth and along the gumline, promoting optimal oral health. Our dental hygienists use specialized instruments to gently remove these deposits gently, ensuring a thorough and comfortable cleaning experience.

Dental Filling/ Restoration

Renew your damaged or decayed teeth with our precise dental filling and restoration services. Using high-quality materials, our skilled dentists repair and rebuild your teeth, ensuring both strength and natural aesthetics. Trust us to seamlessly blend the dental filling with your existing teeth, restoring function and enhancing your smile.

Dental extraction

In cases where preservation is not possible, the dental extraction procedure offers a precise solution. Our compassionate team of dentists performs this procedure with the utmost care, prioritizing patient comfort throughout.

Crown and bridges

Experience the transformative effects of our expertly crafted crowns and bridges as we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, helping you regain a confident smile that lasts. Whether you need a crown to protect a damaged tooth or a bridge to replace missing teeth, our meticulous approach ensures optimal fit and durability.

kids dentistry

Our friendly team of pediatric dentists creates a fun and welcoming environment to make every visit a positive experience.
With our gentle methods, we deliver comprehensive dental care for children, catering to routine check-ups as well as specialized treatments.


This gentle procedure targets infected pulp in children's primary teeth, effectively eliminating pain and preserving tooth health. Our skilled pediatric dentists utilize advanced techniques and ensure a comfortable environment for your child.

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Dr.Sahar Desai

Department of Dental
(Languages Spoken - English, Arabic)

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