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You are currently viewing PCR TEST COVID 19 SWAB COLLECTION AT HOME

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Get PCR test at the comfort of your own home and no need to wait for hours in a long queue to get a PCR Test

Reasons to choose MEDILIFE HEALTHCARE at home PCR Test service:

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Medilife Healthcare Services LLC provides on-site sample collection at your premises, home, location etc adhering proper saftey protocol and infection control procedures and thereby highly reduces the chance of mass exposure and makes you feel more comfortable at the time of sample collection.

The biggest challenge which is pulling back someone mostly when thinks about doing Corona tests are the virus exposure likely to occur while visiting the centres for the tests. If the same is worrying you and you wish to avoid such thoughts the best and easy way to get rid of exposure is to seek on-site sample collection option.

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COVID-19 and PCR Test?
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are used to identify the genetic matter from a particular organism, especially virus and if you are already infected, at the time of PCR testing we can identify and detect virus presence through the test. PCR test is also effective in identifying virus fragments even before getting infected. PCR tests are considered as the most effective, reliable, and accurate method to detect SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19.

Phases of PCR Test
The test mainly consists of three phases, collection of swab (eg; Nasal Swab), RNA or Genetic Material Extraction and finally the PCR. Though the use of a swab, respiratory material found in a person’s nose is collected and with the help of VIT kit the same is sent to the lab for testing and detection of the virus presence. The laboratory tech then extracts the genetic material including virus, if present, and then through PCR machine and chemicals chain reactions are enabled to multiply copies of virus genetic material to detect its presence or absence.

What is COVID-19 PCR Test Results Means?
COVID-19 PCR test results indicates that you have the virus in your body or you don’t have. After getting the results, positive or negative, you need to take necessary actions and avoid contact with others and remain isolated till you fully recover.

COVID-19 Positive PCR Test Result
When you receive a positive result it indicates that you most likely have infected with COVID-19. Many of them have only minor infections and has got a potentiality to recover so safely at home without the need of much medical attention. And if you have worse symptoms or if you have any doubts or questions regarding your medical conditions you should seek the support of Medical provider or local health authority for your support and guidance.

A Negative PCR test result for COVID-19
As it is simply indicative of its kind a negative test result tells you that you don’t have COVID-19 while your sample is been taken for the test. There is also a possibility that still you have the probability for the infection with the tSARS-CoV-2 but don’t have the enough viral load in your body. So you should always bear in mind that Keep in mind that the tests never guarantee your safety for the period of test as well. Well after the PCR test, you still may get infected and possibility to spread the COVID-19 virus.

And if you have received a positive test result, straight away consult your doctor, isolate yourself by staying at home or at a convenient place, and always keep yourself away from others, still you receive repeated negative results. And if you have received a negative test result, you shall continue taking precautions for the COVID-19 infection and its spread.

COVID-19 PCR Test’s Advantages when it is done through Nasal Swab.
Efficiency and effectiveness of the PCR tests rely on many factors includes but not limited to It includes the virus load in the specimen collected and the phase of infection in that particular person. Also there are some other crucial factors like sample collection kit used, proper use of chemical and machines, method and the experience of the technicians conducting the PCR tests.

There are many benefits for a PCR test, when it is done through Nasal Swab and done on-site, as outlined below;

  1. Social distancing and Infection control.
    When the place you visit is crowded for any reasons, you always have a high potential of getting infected form the mass and you don’t have any control on it, but if you are opting for the home or on-site sample collection you have reduce your exposure to very minimum, as you have the control over the same in your own premises.
  2. PCR tests, Nasal Swab and its easiness
    Nasal swabs are always preferred since it is minimally invasive compared to the other effective tests available for the detection of the COVID-19 virus infection. Also people who travel quite often prefers nasal swab collection, as they can have more number of tests with less difficulty at the time of sample collection.
  3. Test effectiveness and Efficacy
    PCR tests with Nasal swab proved to be with fewer false negatives compare d to other other tests available so far for the effective detection of the COVID-19 Virus.

Antigen Test and COVID-19 PCR Test
Both COVID-19 PCR Test and Antigen tests are considered as the tests for identifying mechanism for the detection of the virus infection. The method of detection varies in both the tests. But PCR tests considered to be the most reliable and accurate method for the detection of an active COVID-19 Virus infection.

Incase of antigen tests, the virus detection is done as per the presence of protein fragments which are supposed to be integral part on the surface of the virus. Usually it takes Antigen tests are usually only 15-30 minutes, but less accurate and precise compared to the PCR tests. And in case you have a negative antigen result and still your symptom persists your physician may prescribe you a PCR test to reassure the chance of infection.

COVID-19 PCR V/S Antibody Test (Serology)
COVID-19 PCR test is referred as a diagnostic test, and an antibody (serology) test falls under a different category. The differences are illustrated as under.

Antibody Test for COVID-19 (Serology)
Your immune response/antibodies to the virus are determined through the antibody tests. Just to have an understanding that whether your body has produced antibodies to resist and fight back against the virus that already entered into your body stream and immune system. Usually it takes weeks’ time to trigger and get it developed inside your body, so this cannot be used as a virus detection method in the initial stages of the infection.

Sample collection and Test centres
If you come to know that you have come in contact with already infected persons or having potential signs or symptoms of the COVID-19 virus infection, initially you should consult your doctor and then identify a proper sample collection team and test centre to perform your test and get the accurate information on your infection with the virus.

Think about your safety “before test, at the time of test and after the test as well. “Your safety should always be your priority”

PCR Testing and Its accuracy.
PCR tests are considered to the most effective test among the available testing methods, due to its accuracy and reliability factor. When you see globally on the number of tests performed for the COVID -19 detection PCR comes in first place. If you have any symptoms or signs, whereby you have a doubt of infection, call your health provider and do PCR test to rest assure your infection and to take the necessary actions.

When you should consult a Doctor?
If you find any kind of Covid symptoms affecting you, consult your doctor or healthcare provider and seek the necessary treatment as early as possible. Sometimes, you may be asymptomatic. But still, if you close contact to someone who tested positive recently for COVID-19, get tested as soon as possible.

Call and Book COVID-19 PCR Test swab collection At Home in Dubai

Get in touch with us at Medilife healthcare home care service if you reside in Dubai, and show symptoms, or have met/came in physical contact with someone who tested positive recently. We assure you to bring you the safest and the most reliable COVID-19 PCR test and results. Our DHA-certified expert team of doctors and nurses, along with the best and safe diagnostic tools, will assist you with best care and caution.

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