Air Ambulance Services – When you need it

In simple words, air ambulance services include taking a severely injured or ill person from one region or country to another for medical aid. The air ambulance has all the essential medical kits, tools, and even equipment to support the medical treatment of the patients. The air ambulance also has a critical care staff, including doctors, nurses, and expert paramedics.
This form of air medical transport is significant for the patients living apart. The air ambulance helps transport patients to the region or country where required medical support is available. So, if you have a medically ill patient who needs a quick transfer from Dubai to India or any other country can opt for an air ambulance in Dubai. It will help the person in the following:

Importance of Air ambulance services in Dubai

  • Get a superior form of medical care in another country.
  • A close family member along with the paramedical staff can accompany the person.
  • The patient will get full-fledged access to advanced medical care that is not available in their home country.
  • Even the patients receive ICU-level of medical care from the onboard expert doctors.
  • The advanced medical equipment and tools that are fit in the air ambulance or a helicopter will keep the patient safe.

Types of Air Ambulance Services

Jet Aircraft:

Known as a ‘fixed wing air ambulance,’ this is a spacious and comfortable air ambulance carrying patients from one country to another. This cost-effective air ambulance benefits for traveling short distances.

Helicopter Air Ambulance:

This form of air ambulance is majorly used to directly land the ill or severely injured patient in the hospital premises. It is convenient to transport a seriously ill patient in an air ambulance from Dubai to India, as the two countries have shorter distance routes. These helicopters also have modern medical equipment and expert medical staff.

Turbo Prop Rescue Planes:

It is also known as the rotary-wing air ambulance. The jet aircraft is also quite affordable and works as a helicopter because it can cover only short distances. This Turbo Prop Rescue Plane can land on narrow roads, villages, and landmasses. Patients who need emergency services require this form of air ambulance service.

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Cost of Transporting Patients through Air Ambulance

If you look for an air ambulance from Dubai to India, the cost of transporting the patient is double. If the air ambulance charges AED 300 within the Dubai region, it will cost AED 600 outside of Dubai. Apart from this, there are many factors involved like:

  • Distance covered or the geographical location
  • Medical staff involved
  • Weather conditions
  • Medical tools used like stretcher, anesthesia, and other medical equipment
  • Medical insurance coverage

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Choosing The Right Air Ambulance For Patients

Every medical case is different and is not at all the same. One person may need advanced medical care, and another may have been involved in a life-threatening situation. So, the prices, type of air ambulance chosen, etc., must be considered. This calls for selecting the right air ambulance for the patients. Let us see what to look out for in an air ambulance:
Emergency Transfer: The air ambulance must carry out emergency transfers when the patient is in critical condition. Most of the companies offer such transfers. However, it is essential to know beforehand.
Reduce the Transit Time: Time is critical for both severely ill patients and transferring plasma, organ, blood samples, frozen samples of biopsy, etc. So, consider this factor while choosing the air ambulance service.
Specialized Care: You must look for experienced doctors, medical tools, and paramedics accompanying the patient. It will help in providing immediate care to emergency patients.
Consider the Cost: The cost significantly depends on the traveling distance. The cost will be lower if the air ambulance is closer. Moreover, you can get the aircraft at a low price by booking in advance. But, it will not be an option for an emergency. Experienced Support Team: Carrying patients to the destination involves multiple stages. The staff must handle all the steps carefully and minimize the patient’s stress.

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Wrapping Up
Air ambulance is one of the modern achievements that provides intensive care to the patients involved in life-threatening accidents. It just does not offer the airlift but facilitates advanced patient care. Moreover, it is best for airlifting organs and blood or plasma samples that need immediate attention. It not only saves time but the patient’s life too.

Mr. Bhumir did the research and writing of this article. He is a freelancing member of the Content writing Team of WebCof.

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