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Medilife is a reputable and experienced Global Healthcare service provider headquartered in Dubai. We are committed to providing excellent healthcare and treatment to patients through our various divisions of clinic, pharmacies, Home Healthcare, Air Ambulance and more.

A Global Health Care Service Organization

We strive to transform the home care services industry all over the world. Medilife Healthcare Group is a global organization with expertise in home healthcare services and managing day to day medical needs of individuals. However, we are not just limited to home care Dubai. We aim to keep ourselves ahead in the medical field and make people’s lives easier with a chain of clinics, pharmacies, Telemedicine, Medical Tourism, Medical Evacuation & Air Ambulance, and other healthcare services. With our headquarters in Dubai, the regional offices for our home health care agency are located in London, Australia, and India.

Our Home Health Care Services in Dubai Include

The Medilife model of home care in Dubai is distinct as a care setting not only because it is delivered in the patient’s house but also because it is “typically less costly, more convenient, and just as effective” as care delivered in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Our specialist nurses and professional caregivers are equipped to provide short-term and long-term care to patients. We offer the following homecare services.

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Skilled Nursing Care

When a patient requires outpatient treatment but is not able to visit a medical facility, he\she is provided with medical services at home. Our home nursing services are available for patients who are homebound due to a chronic illness and movement disorders, have been discharged from an inpatient treatment facility or day hospital after surgery, or have been diagnosed with illnesses that require medical rehabilitation services. Our staff and nurses are well trained and qualified to deliver quality home health care services.

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Doctor on Call

If you are concerned about going to the hospital and waiting in long queues for your turn to see the specialist, our home visit doctor is there for you. The professional and certified home doctor is available 24x7 to provide efficient home health care Dubai.

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Non-Medical Home Care

Our elder care services also involve non-medical assistance for patients. A qualified health aide helps with activities of daily living, e.g., bathing, meal preparation, walking, light housekeeping, etc.

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Therapy Services

Our therapists expertly provide diagnosis and treatment of all types of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in particular, the treatment of rheumatic diseases. They will provide rehabilitative physical therapy to patients in their homes where they feel most comfortable. Our medical home care services also include occupational therapy and speech therapy for disabled patients.

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Elderly Medical Caregiving

Geriatric care is best done at home, where the patients are familiar with the environment and feel most comfortable. Older people who are struggling with ailments like Dementia and Alzheimer's need 24/7 supervision and support. Our home health aides and caregivers provide compassionate and dedicated care to your loved ones. They provide professional medical assistance, efficient hospice services, and palliative care.

Other Healthcare Services We Provide

Air Ambulance

While moving the patient by road is either impossible or impractical owing to the patient's health and time constraints, an air ambulance service might be used to save time and ensure a seamless transfer.

Medtouch Cure

Medtouch Cure is the curation of different Healthcare Services offered by Medilife Healthcare, such as Medical Tourism, Telemedicine, and other clinical services.


We also have pharmacies as a part of our health care facilities. We are devoted to educating patients on correct drug administration and providing the highest quality medicines as prescribed by physicians. Our online pharmacy offers the highest quality drugs and medicines at competitive prices. Our well-organized logistics service will ensure that you receive the product as soon as possible.


Medilife Clinics' facilities blend state-of-the-art amenities with world-class service standards. Besides superb home health care Dubai, our mission is to deliver a high level of expertise and services in a relaxed, professional environment using cutting-edge technology and equipment.

Medical Tourism

Patients from all over the world travel to various locations for medical treatment. They have several reasons for this, including cost affordability and access to super specialty. As medical facilitators, we provide full assistance for our customers' medical travel needs.


As an extension of our home care services Dubai, we are also launching telemedicine services across our global facilities soon. Patients will get instant consultation for their queries. In addition, they can order their prescribed medicines through our online pharmacy.

At-Home Testing

If you need a lab test for a regular checkup or as per a doctor's referral, our blood test at home in Dubai service makes your life much easier. A DHA-certified nurse will provide easy and quick blood sample collection from your place and get results faster. Our rapid PCR test in Dubai and at home pregnancy test are also the fastest and most affordable options you will find.

IV Therapies and Vaccination Services

Apart from excellent home care Dubai, we also provide amazing immune boost IV drips and NAD IV therapies, which have great anti-aging and overall health benefits. Book an at-home session and rejuvenate your mind and body. You can also book a std test or a flu shot at home, and a health care professional will come and administer it in a few hours.

Meet Our Team

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Dr Navas Usman

Managing Director

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Johan P. Wikander

Director Operations

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Dr Abdul Rahman

Al Jassmi - Director

Eisa Mohammad

Board Director

Adv. Prins Joseph

Director Legal Affairs

Joyce Wangui

Director Intl Oper

Why Choose Us?

Qualified Medical Professionals

All members of our staff, including doctors and nurses, are certified by Dubai Health Authority. The qualifications and skills of our team ensure the quality of home care service you receive with us.

Global Expertise

We have offices in numerous places throughout the world, giving our team members the most knowledge and experience. They are capable of providing world-class health care services.

Quick and Efficient Service

When you schedule a home care service with us and provide us with your location, our caregivers will arrive promptly. If you request a test, we will deliver the results as quickly as possible and within the time frame, we have specified.

Patients' Testimonials

It’s an amazing place for treatment. Specially staff and doctors, they are so friendly and humble which makes me feel so comfortable and they also provide the valuable advise to protect the body from diseases. I love their insurance policy system which has made me save lots of money.
Saleh Shams
Medilife provides the best homecare health services in Dubai. I got my PCR test done at home within 1 hour of booking and got my result in 5 hours. Highly recommended.
Joel SG

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Enjoy exceptional Home healthcare services from the comfort of your home or hotel in Dubai. At Medilife Home Care Clinic, our team of dedicated professionals prioritizes your well-being, offering a wide range of services designed for your convenience:

    • IV Drips Dubai at Home Services: Experience the benefits of intravenous therapy without leaving your residence or Hotel. Our trained nurses and professionals administer IV drips with expertise and care.
    • STD Testing Dubai and Std Clinic Dubai Treatment: Safeguard your sexual health with our confidential and reliable STD test in Dubai and treatment options. Choose between visiting our Dubai clinic or opting for convenient at-home STI testing services in Dubai.
    • Confidential HIV Testing In Dubai: Prioritize your health with our confidential HIV testing services provided in a supportive and comfortable environment.
    • Doctor Call Service Dubai : Receive quality medical care with ease. Our licensed physicians offer consultations and medical advice over the phone or through in-person visits.
    • Hassle-Free Vaccination Services at Home In Dubai: Protect yourself and your family with our convenient vaccination services. Our team administers essential vaccinations in Dubai, including the HPV vaccine, chickenpox vaccine, and flu shot, all in the comfort of your own home or Hotel.
    • Hangover IV Drip in Dubai: Rehydrate and recover from a night out with our hangover IV drip service in Dubai, delivered directly to your home or hotel room.
    • Glutathione Drip Therapy at home in Dubai: Enhance your overall health and well-being with our glutathione drip therapy, administered by our experienced team.
    • Convenient At Home Blood Testing dubai: Monitor your health easily with our convenient blood work dubai services, conducted in the comfort of your home or hotel room.

Medilife Home Care Clinic: Your One-Stop Solution for Comprehensive Healthcare in Dubai

Whether you require IV therapy, STD testing, doctor consultations, vaccinations, hangover IV drip, glutathione drips, or blood tests, Medilife Home Care Clinic is here to meet your healthcare needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services. In conclusion, whether you need a vitamin drip in Dubai, an IV infusion for dehydration, or a comprehensive wellness blood  check-up packages, our professional and dedicated medical team is here to provide you with the highest standard of care. Contact us today to book your appointment and experience the best in home and hotel medical services in Dubai.