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Special Package

2000 mg of Glutathione + Vitamin C for the price of 1000 mg
For its extraordinary capacity to boost skin health, body function, Skin Color, Anti-aging, overall mood, and well-being, Glutathione is known as the master detoxifier. Medilife Health Care provides 2000mg IV Glutathione + Vitamin C at the price starting from 390 AED

Skin Drip (Glutathione & Vit C)

Glutathione | Vit C | Fluids

Glutathione IV therapy  boost glutathione levels and improve overall health. Also the combination with Vitamin C help in skin rejuvenation and the skin whitening/Skin Brightening. These combination of vitamin c and glutathione  is safe and effective for both men and women

All In One IV Drip

Magnesium Chloride | Glutathione | Vit C Vit B Complex | Vit B2 High Dosage | Trace Minerals (Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Manganese, Selenium)

The Ultimate  IV  drip treatment in Dubai can help reverse aging damage, improve skin and hair health, support the liver, reduce oxidation and inflammation, and improve cognitive function.

IV Drip for male

Arginine Taurine Biotin Glutathione Vitamin C and B complex (B), B3, B5, & B6)

IV drip for male is an specially created formula, its contain Arginine Taurine Biotin Glutathione Vitamin C and B complex (B), B3, B5, & B6) it healps to maintain their youthfulness and energy levels.

IV Vitamin c + Glutathione therapy in dubai

We provide best package at best price

Medilife health care services are well known in Dubai as an most affordable and convenient health care service provider. We are offering at home iv therapy, Doctor on call services, Blood test at home and other health care services. 

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