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Do you need a blood test or lab test but don’t have time to travel to the hospital or medical centre throughout your busy day?

Lab Testing Services at Home in Dubai

You can have your blood or urine tested quickly and affordably, whether for reassurance or as prescribed by a doctor.

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Basic Health Screening

Sugar-F , CBC , SGPT , Creatinine , Cholesterol-Total , TSH-Total

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Standard Health Package

CBC , LFT , KFT , Lipid Profile , Thyroid Profile , Urine 

Diabetes Package

Sugar-F , HBA1c , Lipid Profile , KFT , Urine R/M

Diabetes Package Advanced

Sugar-F , HBA1c , Lipid Profile , KFT , Urine R/M , Microalbumin Urine

Healthy Heart Package

Sugar-F , HbA1C , Lipid Profile , hsCRP , CBC

Healthy Heart Package Advanced

Sugar-F , HbA1C , Lipid Profile , hsCRP , CBC , CK-MB , Trop I 

Whole Body Check Up

Sugar-F Test, CBC+ ESR , HbA1c , LFT , KFT , Lipid Profile , Thyroid Profile , Urine R/M 

Comprehensive Health Check

Sugar-F , CBC+ ESR , HbA1c , LFT Test, KFT , Lipid Profile , Thyroid Profile , Iron Studies , Vitamin D , Vitamin B12 , Urine R/M

IV Drips at home Dubai

Healthy Woman Package

LH , FSH , Prolactin , Testosterone , Total-TSH \, Insulin - F \, Vitamin -D \

Hormonal Profile-Female

LH , FSH , Prolactin , Testosterone , Total-TSH , Insulin - F , Vitamin -D , DHEAS , 17-OHP

Male Health Package

PSA , Testosterone , SHBG , Cortisol Test, Estradiol , Progesterone , Fasting Blood Glucose , HBA1C , Lipid Profile 

Hormonal Profile - Men

Testosterone total & free , Prolactin , PSA , PSA-free Test, SHBG , Estradiol , Cortisol

Healthy Bones Panel

Vitamin D , Ca , Alk. Phosphatase , Phosphorus , Uric Acid

Vitamin Profile

Vitamin-D , Vitamin B12 , Folic Acid

Vitamin B Profile

B1 , B2 , B6 , B12 , Folic Acid 

At Medilife Home Healthcare Services Dubai, we’re revolutionizing health screenings by bringing a vast range of tests right to your doorstep. Whether it’s a PSA blood testkidney function test, or an IGE test, say goodbye to overcrowded clinics and lengthy wait times. With our all-encompassing at-home service, your comfort is paramount as we conduct everything from a routine cholesterol check, a vitamin test, to a specialized H Pylori test, all within the familiarity of your own home.

Need a blood sample taken for a kidney health check-up or a jaundice test at home? Our trained professionals are there for you. Want to monitor your blood sugar levels or have an allergy test in Dubai? We’ve got you covered. Are you curious about possible food intolerance? Try our intolerance test in Dubai. You can even book a thyroid test at home near you, or an at-home UTI test for immediate relief.

Our Lab Testing Services at Home in Dubai is your one-stop solution for accurate and confidential at-home lab diagnostics, including a CBC and CRP test at home, an at-home diabetes testrenal function test, or even an LFT blood test. Our home lab diagnostic services even extend to insulin resistance tests and home cholesterol tests, among others.

Your well-being is our mission. That’s why we offer an at-home urine test or a uric acid test at home to ensure your total body health is covered. We also conduct home antibody tests and antigen tests, and if you’re in need of a blood sample collection at home near you, our team is just a 30 mins call away.

Our partnerships with top-notch laboratories across Dubai mean that we can guarantee quick, accurate results from a liver function test in Dubai, a vitamin D home test, or even an at-home strep test. If you’re looking for a kidney test at home, or a food allergy test in Dubai, our home sample collection service offers you the ultimate convenience without compromising on quality.

By prioritizing your health with Lab Testing Services Dubai, you can unlock a plethora of benefits such as timely blood testing, affordable services, and a trusted, professional team of phlebotomists who prioritize your comfort above all. Book an appointment with us today and start your journey towards better health, right from the comfort of your own home in Dubai.

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